Rabu, 04 Juni 2008

Media Pembelajaran

Chapter 11

E-learning: online teaching and training

e-learning refers to learning that takes place using technology, such as the internet, CD-ROMs and portable devices like mobile phones or MP3 players. Terms that are associated with e-learning and often used interchangeably and can be rather confusing are:

- Distance learning. It originally applied to traditional paper-based distance courses delivered by mail.

- Open learning. This is one aspect of distance learning and simply refers to how much independence the learner has.

- Online Learning. This is learning which takes place via the Internet.

- Blended learning. This is a mixture of online and face-to-face course delivery.

Online learning is often delivered via a learning ‘platform’ or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It also known as a Learner Management System (LMS), or a virtual classroom, a VLE is a web-based platform on which course content can be stored. Learners can access it on the internet. They also can see course content, such as documents, audio and video lectures, and they can do activities such as quizzes, questionnaires and tests or use communication tools like discussion forums or text and audio chat. The advantage of a VLE for course delivery is that everything is n one place, and most VLEs provide tracking facilities, so that the online tutor can see who has logged n when, and see what activities learners have done, or what documents and forums they have accessed.

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